Two climatic conditions in the White Cube, 2017

Plexiglas, a high-strength acrylic adhesive, black Mdf-wood, mold  
495 x 415 x 1310 mm

The pedestal2.jpg

The pedestal.jpg

The pedestal3.jpg


Instalation view, Kunstverein in Freiburg, 2017

“The pedestal” is made up of biological materials: mold, black wood, and the nature’s work of enhancing growth, conserved inside a vitrine. This piece focuses on the process of growth and death of mold. It is a synthetic way to witness the nature’s innate change and movement in the passage of time. Mold would grow, die, and sprout to life again incessantly inside a vitrine.  Their spores, though not visible, are all around us. Molds have existed even on earth since 2.4 billion years ago. With few controlled ingredients such as humidity and temperature, molds will propagate and transform continually. Depending on the air condition or microbes inside the vitrine, the sculpture shows various colors and figures as time passes. Two thermo-hygrometers are placed inside the hall. One displays the condition inside the vitrine and the other for the exhibit hall. They demonstrate the two different climates sharing the same space.