Landscape of dust(green), 2016

Plexiglas, cleaning liquid, activated carvon from Brita-waterfilter, microbeads, electronic device 
1572 x 1046 x 50 mm
berlintiefsee1Installation view: Satellit Berlin, 2016
IMG_1053Detail view

Landscape of dust, Jaewon Kim creates a sort of landscape structure which material is gradually decomposed by chemical reaction of cleaning liquid.  Inside the showcase made of aluminum and plexiglass, the artist displays several kinds of grains composed of micro-beads, activated carbon and iron exchange resin spheres. The cleaning bleach catalyzes the chemical reaction with those ingredients and generates white dust particles.  The materials used in this piece are applied daily for cleaning stuff and purifying water. The chemical reaction progressively changes the landscape in the showcase. The tiny particles floating in the water also translate the condition of the liquid. Installed electronic devices such as an air pump create movement of the particles.  This visual effect evokes a sloppy weather condition or destroyed environment.