Bulb tree (Punica granatum), 2017

plexiglas, metal,  about 60 light bulb, fishing line, cleaning liquid, electronic device

900 x 750 x 750 mm





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Installation view: Country-hotel contemporary, Dernbach, Germany, 2017

Bulb tree” is mainly constructed with about 100 bulbs filled with liquid bleach (The bulbs are not electrically functioning). The chemical water then dissolves the connecting part between the glass and the socket made with aluminum. This makes the bulbs fall at unexpected moments and crash completely, creating a spontaneously changing scene on the floor. The whole process of chemical function displays an accelerated degradation effect, which represents the simultaneity of destruction and creation in nature. The bulbs seem to imitate falling fruits from a living tree in the exhibition space.     

The “Bulb Tree” was created in 2014, which was the year when the production of the filament-bulb had ceased due to the invention of LED-technology. As the filament-bulb, one of the most important inventions, once useful but had become a relic of the past, the “bulb tree” experiences seasons of change. It also suggests a clear manifestation of new cultural circumstances.