Involuntary memory of bulb, 2017

Fragments of light bulb, cleaning liquid, black wood board







                                               Installation view, country-hotel contemporary, Dernbach, 2017                                       880 x 975 mm, 880 x 975 mm , 1410 x 1390 mm

Fragments scattered on the black wooden board display a sort of explosive image. This piece is designed to be a part of the work, “Bulb Tree”. The chemical water in the bulbs dissolves the part that connects the glass and the socket and produces viscid sediments in the glass bulbs. This chemical byproduct is a byproduct of time.

Eventually the bulbs burst and scatter the sediments and glass pieces on the board. When all fragments are collected on the board, they are collectively an image of passage of time. It also evokes the image of the evolutionary stages of a star’s life and death.